This is a collection of my thoughts and experiences with mental health and ADHD. I will share my coping strategies, what works for me (and doesn’t) and explore new ways and ideas. I hope that some of them help you or that you can share your successes to help me! Although I have been through a difficult time, everyone’s story differs.

I wear my ADHD badge with pride and embrace my neurodiversity. I’m a better person having gone through my mental health issues. The two factors are separate but also cohabit to keep my brain company. It used to be a daily battle but now the feuding just has the odd flare up.

Personal growth and developing a stronger mindset are important factors to me. Was it good at the time? Nope. Am I enjoying learning and growing as I go? Damn right. Am I armed with more knowledge to be able to help others? I’m glad to say yes.

We all have our own story……….